Will you make your film without government funding?

Will you make your film without government funding?

I sometimes meet filmmakers who are resigned to not making their debut feature film because they can’t attract investment from government film funding agencies (eg. Screen Australia/NSW/Queensland/West, Film Victoria and SA Film Corp). I think all filmmakers (myself included) should ask themselves an important question:

If you don’t attract government funding, will you press ahead and make your film anyway?

If the answer is ‘no’, we should question whether we really want to make the film. This question has clarified my motivations. Yes, I want to make The Hitman’s Cookbook, even if we can’t attract government financing. Make the film – rain, hail or shine!

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  1. Hot! so Hot is what i think, how can this film not be made??? By filmmakers, not necessarily governments – though any interest is always welcome!
    Great website, Awesome looking film, can’t wait xH

  2. Thanks for your support, guys!

    Yes, Skeptic, this sentiment has really been building in Australia over the last two years, hasn’t it?

    We haven’t applied for production funding for The Hitman’s Coobook because the new Screen Australia and Screen NSW funding schemes are no longer skewed towards:
    * Budgets less than $1M; and
    * Writers, directors and producers with no experience making feature films (or a lot of TV)
    Problem is, you need experience to get the experience. And so the vicious circle continues.

    I’ve worked hard to attract financial support for both of my short films: Checkpoint (Screen NSW) and Nice Shootin’ Cowboy (Screen Australia). I’m exceptionally grateful for the financial assistance provided. However, I was also very frustrated by the bureaucracy that accompanied the process. Therefore, I’ve decided (at this stage) to push ahead and make The Hitman’s Cookbook, with or without government funding. We’ve spent three years working on the screenplay. Government support would be great. And much appreciated. But I don’t want to spend another seven years in development hell in trying to get the film made. Life’s too short.

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