Teasing the Feature: Part 2

Teasing the Feature: Part 2

Deadpool twitter photoPreviously I looked at inspirational clipomatics that have influenced the teaser Gabe and I are creating for our feature film. (Also known as ripomatics, sizzle reels and pitch trailers). Here are some pitch trailers that high-profile filmmakers have created, using original footage, with the goal of financing a feature length version.


Check out the original test footage that Tim Miller created with Ryan Reynolds for the film adaptation of Deadpool. Seeing is believing. Holy s**t! No expense spared.


Deadpool creator, Robert Liefeld, confirmed that Ryan Reynolds was filmed in a Performance Capture leotard. AKA Motion Capture or ‘mo-cap’. Then Deadpool’s superhero suit was digitally layered over the top by Tim Miller and his VFX team at Blur Studios.



And it worked. Deadpool was financed as a result of this convincing pitch trailer. They’re shooting right now, as this cheeky shot testifies.




Edgar Wright also directed test footage for a proposed comic book adaptation of Ant-Man. Sadly, after working on the script for 8 years, Wright left the project. Nonetheless, his vision for the film is intoxicating.


And who could have missed the ‘bootleg’ short films by Producer Adi Shankar:


Things just got gritty with Joseph Khan’s dark adaptation of a 1990s children’s TV series. 14M+ views, and counting, suggests that there’s a potential audience for a feature version.

The Punisher: Dirty Laundry 

Kudos to Phil Joanou who convinced Thomas Jane to revisit the same comic book vigilante he played in the feature version of The Punisher (2004).

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