7 – From Tropfest to Los Angeles with Duane Fogwell: Part 1

Duane Fogwell joins me for Part 1 of a discussion about making the step from Tropfest to Los Angeles. Duane is an award-winning film and television Director/Editor who grew up in Canberra. After being short-listed for ABC TV’s RACE AROUND THE WORLD at the age of 18, Duane discovered his love of all things film. … Read more

6 – Crushed with Director Megan Riakos

Writer/Director Megan Riakos joins me in Episode 6 to discuss her debut feature film, Crushed.  In particular, we chat about: The importance of calling yourself a ‘director’ and living as one. The value of film school. Dealing with rejection. Writing within the thriller genre. The inspiration behind Crushed. Writing habits and dealing with writer’s block. Working … Read more

4 – Control Room with Gabriel Dowrick

                    Back by popular demand! Co-screenwriter and editor, Gabriel Dowrick, joins me in Episode 4. We discuss: How we transform our ideas into screenplays. How we work as a screenwriting team. Our individual writing schedules. Why it’s difficult to craft film titles. Why our film has … Read more

3 – Producing with Tait Brady

Big news! I’m thrilled to announce that Producer Tait Brady has joined our film. Woohoo! Tait joins me as a special guest in Episode 3 of the podcast. Tait has a diverse career in the Australian film industry including 9 years as Director of the Melbourne International Film Festival and 8 years as head of … Read more

2 – Screenwriting with Gabriel Dowrick

In Episode 2 I’m joined by a special guest, Gabriel Dowrick. Gabe has been fortunate to work successfully as both a Screenwriter and Editor. His produced feature writing credits include SKIN TRADE, an American/Thai co-production starring Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa and Ron Perlman and TERMINUS, an ambitious Australian Sci-Fi/Drama. As an editor he’s cut the … Read more

1 – Jump Into the Deep End

            Welcome to Episode 1 of BREAKING IN WITH BEN PHELPS, a podcast about what happens when a filmmaker who’s never made a feature film, makes one. We’ve launched in iTunes Podcasts (Apple), Stitcher (Android) and lots of other podcast apps. Woohoo! In this first episode you’ll discover what inspired me … Read more

Breaking In with Ben Phelps: a film podcast

                I’m thrilled to announce my latest project. It’s called BREAKING IN WITH BEN PHELPS, a podcast about what happens when a filmmaker who’s never made a feature film, makes one. Here’s a summary from iTunes: “Do you love the Behind the Scenes features on DVD and Blu-ray? … Read more