Hollywood: Split screens

Hollywood: Split screens

… film-going in America is not a growth business, especially now that people have so many media to distract them at home. The share of Americans who attend a cinema at least once a month declined from 30% in 2000 to 10% in 2011…

via Hollywood: Split screens | The Economist.

Ouch! Why do I want to be a filmmaker again? Ted Hope also weighs in:

So where does this leave us?

  1. Young filmmakers interesting in quality character-driven tales should go into TV.
  2. If the studios & their heaps of cash get out of the tentpole business, who is going to take their place?
  3. The business model is broken.  Who is doing something to fix it?  Why is this not an industry level discussion?
  4. Now would be a good time to launch a micro-budget global transmedia development/production/distro company.


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