The journey begins

The journey begins

Over the last year I’ve been an avid fan of Ted Hope’s blog, Truly Free Film. Who’s Ted Hope? The guru of indie cinema in the US, of course.

UPDATE 1: You can now find Ted’s blog at Indiewire.

Ted has been preaching the benefits of social media as a possible strategy to save indie cinema. It’s a revolutionary concept. Social media is a fantastic avenue to share the filmmaking experience with fellow filmmakers, potential audiences, investors, fans, critics, friends and family – from screenplay to production, post-production to the film’s release. I’m a filmmaker who loves the ‘Making of’ featurettes on DVDs and Blu-ray. Alien Quadrilogy is a gem. I hope social filmmaking will be a similar experience before and after we produce The Hitman’s Cookbook or another one of our scripts.

UPDATE 2: Ted Hope is the new drama guru at Amazon!

UPDATE 3: In addition to this blog, you can follow my journey on Twitter, InstagramFacebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. I look forward to hearing from you!

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