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Script Pipeline Finalist

Fantastic news – The Hitman’s Cookbook, a screenplay I wrote with Gabe Dowrick, is a finalist in the prestigious US screenwriting competition, Script Pipeline. Just 20 of us remain standing from …

A taste of the hitman

Check out the teaser ripomatic for our feature film script, The Hitman’s Cookbook. Freshly baked! If you like the teaser, you’ll love the film we want to make. Spread the …

Aaron Sorkin is back in TV Land

I’m currently reevaluating the dialogue of an important character in our feature script, The Hitman’s Cookbook. So where do I go for inspiration? Aaron Sorkin.I love Sorkin’s work. His dialogue …

iPhone filmmaking

Some incredible gadgets and software solutions were demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week. There seems to be a trend towards DIY filmmaking on iPhones. Wannbe Steven Spielbergs …

Purple tiles and pink porcelain

On the weekend we took a trip to Gosford, NSW, to visit my aunt. The trip also doubled for location scouting. Check out this fantastic bathroom in its untouched state. …

Easy going goanna

This goanna has the right idea. Relaxing by a Sydney Harbour beach on a glorious summer day.

Universal icons

Special friend, it’s time to get reacquainted now that summer has reared its head. Bliss.


Inspiration for quality design and practical lighting often coincides. There’s no better example than the timeless PH lamp by Poul Henningsen. My extended family has good taste!