There are many motivations for why writers write. Here are two that relate to me:

1) Some filmmakers write for the longer term goal of directing their own story – ‘Reluctant Writer/Passionate Director’; and

2) Some filmmakers write for the love of writing – ‘Passionate Writer’.

I used to be a Reluctant Writer/Passionate Director. I’m currently a Passionate Writer/Passionate Director. If I could write full-time, I can imagine myself  evolving into a Passionate Writer.

Passionate Writers often complain about the Reluctant Writer/Passionate Director. But they sometimes miss the point. I’d happily direct a script written by another writer and adopt the role of Passionate Director Only. But I find myself in the same quandary as many colleagues – I haven’t encountered a feature script, written by someone else, that I connect with. Therefore, first time directors often write themselves a job because the best scripts go to Steven Spielberg.  That is, write yourself into a directing gig. That’s how I began writing. Then I began to discover my love for writing. Sure, it wasn’t love at first sight. More like two strangers cautiously developing a friendship first. Then it evolved into something deeper. I used to hate sitting down at the computer. Writing used to be a ‘means to an end’ so I could direct a story that I felt a connection with. But now I get anxious if I’m not writing.

It’s been five weeks since I stopped writing to focus on producing The Hitman’s Cookbook. And it’s killing me. I miss the rhythm. I miss the challenge and satisfaction of putting words on the screen. Last night I jumped back into Final Draft (screenwriting software) to get my fix. It’s a large scale Science Fiction/Action feature screenplay that Gabe and I began last year. In the tradition of Armageddon, Enemy of the State and The Matrix and 2012. It’s the type of big budget script we’d like to sell in the US as Passionate Writers Only. But that’s for a later date and a few more drafts down the line…

Now, back to producing The Hitman’s Cookbook!

6 Replies to “Motivations”

    1. Agreed. But it’s an apt reference for an ‘end of the world’ movie. OK, OK, it’s gone from our pitch.
      You know the readers are thinking, ‘I hate it when Mum and Dad fight in public.’

  1. Tell us why you make films from the core Ben.

    The article is labelled ‘Motivations’ after all.

    All you have told me is you wanted to write because you wanted to direct.

    Why do you want to make films?
    although you’re description of the evolution from necessity to passion is resonant with me.

    “But now I get anxious if I’m not writing.” I’ve started to have this feeling recently, like missing a lover and wondering how they are. Lol

    1. To entertain people. To move people. To tell stories that resonate with me. To express unique ideas. For the love of the filmmaking process. For the joy of creating something unique.

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