Listen Up

Listen Up

I ride a bicycle (a push bike, not a Harley!) and catch public transport every day. In that time, I actively think about our characters and the plot. Three years ago I also discovered some fantastic podcasts to supplement my musings. These are my favourites. Most of them are film related. They’re all available FREE on iTunes. You can also DONATE a small amount which I’m sure they really appreciate:

  • Creative Screenwriting Magazine (Q&A series)
  • USC School of Cinematic Arts (Q&A series)
  • Filmspotting (film reviews)
  • /Filmcast (official podcast for /Film:, film reviews, insightful chatter)
  • Meet the Filmmaker (Q&A series)
  • Dr Karl on Triple J (great ideas for Science Fiction!)
  • ABC Culture and Society (lecture series)

I’ve learnt more about screenwriting and directing from the Creative Screenwriting and USC series than I learnt from film school (Robert McKee’s story and some of Syd Field’s books are also invaluable). In these podcasts, the writers reveal the secrets of their journey – first break, getting an agent, surviving production, securing the next job, etc. Great career tips. They also talk about their unique approach to creating characters and stories. Check ‘em out.

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