Crowd funding case study #1 – The Tunnel

Published on 10 August 2010







Luci Temple has insightfully dissected the financing strategy for an Australian crowd funded feature film, The Tunnel. There’s two parts to the article – Part 1 and Part 2. Read both. Notice the trend. Everyone seems to raise $10-15K from supportive family and friends. And then the money seems to dry up. I was a big fan of the concept of crowd funding. However, I’m increasingly thinking that the incredible amount of time that it takes (at the sacrifice of ‘creative time’) might be better spent convincing wealthier financiers (eg West Australian mining magnates ;)) to invest in your project. Nonetheless I hope The Tunnel raises its entire budget and it’s creatively successful. After all, it’s a challenge in this current filmmaking climate. Good luck to them and congrats to Luci on her analysis.

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