Beyond a blueprint

Beyond a blueprint

Recently my writing partner, Gabriel Dowrick, and I had a discussion that became a turning point for our filmmaking aspirations.

Everyone knows that a screenplay is the blueprint for the production of a film. But a screenplay can rarely attract an audience unless the film is produced.

Yes, we can share our stories if we adapt them for other mediums (eg. Book, play, live reading, etc). But we want our screenplays to come alive on screen! We’re captivated by the characters in The Hitman’s Cookbook – Angelo, Frank, Haley and Hugo. These characters have entertained and motivated us during the writing process. Not surprisingly, we don’t want these engaging characters to remain locked in a drawer. That’s why we’re making this film. We want to bring these characters to life. And we want these characters to entertain Australian and international audiences. It’s going to be a hell of a ride to get there but it’s also going to be fun!

Bring. It. 😉

UPDATE: Bring it on… with new character names. Only the name, ‘Hugo’, remains. For now.

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